Acessed through the context menu or the tag icon () on the Flight Plan Window, the Define a New Tag dialog allows the creation of an entirely new tag in the User category.

  • The Name field at the top lets the user set the name of the new tag. Tag Names must:
    • Begin with a letter (upper or lower case) or an underscore.
    • Contain no characters other than letters, digits, hyphens, periods, and underscores.
    • Contain no space characters; any spaces included in this field will be turned into underscores by Wings (i.e. "My New Tag" would become "My_New_Tag").
  • The Change Image button on the upper right, when clicked, will open a Change Image dialog box.
  • The Text field sets the description text to be displayed in the Tag Values pane when the tag is selected. This can later be changed in the Edit Tags dialog.
  • The Type radio buttons set the data type of the new tag:
    • String
    • Integer
    • Date
    • Boolean
    • Enumeration, which activates the Enumeration Values box below.
  • The Enumeration Values box, greyed out unless the Enumeration Type radio button is selected, lets the user set the values and associated images for the enumeration. By default, this field has only an empty index and an Add... button. Clicking on the Add... button opens the Tag Enumeration Value dialog. Values that have been added will be displayed with an Edit... button, which opens the Tag Enumeration Value dialog as well (with the additional option of deleting the entry). If at least one value has already been set, another blank index will appear with a Sort Index one higher and an Add... button.
  • The Default Value field defines the default value of the tag. New values for user tags can be set in the Tag Values pane. This can later be changed in the Edit Tags dialog.

Clicking the OK button will return to the Flight Plan Window with the new tag in place. Clicking Cancel will return to the Flight Plan without saving any changes. Clicking Help will open this topic.