ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Tag Enumeration Value

The Tag Enumeration Value dialog (accessed through the Define New Tag dialog) handles creating or changing the value and image attached to a particular option of an enumeration tag.

The Sort Index value displays the order in which the option will be displayed in the dropdown list in the Tag Values pane.

The Value field determines the value that the option will display. It cannot be the same as an existing option for this tag.

The Double-click on Predefined Image box shows a selection of thumbnail images appropriate for marking tags. As the field name implies, double-clicking an image will select it, automatically populating the Image Pathname and preview areas.

The image can be selected by typing a path in the Image Pathname field, or by clicking the elipsis (...) button beside it which opens a standard Windows "browse for file" dialog. Once an image is chosen the final appearance of the icon will appear in the preview section and (enlarged) in the Magnified 2X section.

Click the Copy to Project Images checkbox to keep the image in the Project Images folder for later use.

Clicking the OK button will return to the Define New Tag dialog and attach the new enumeration value to the tag. Clicking Cancel will return to the New Tag dialog without saving any changes. Clicking Help opens this topic.