Accessed from the Flight Plan Window by clicking the table-and-pencil-icon () or using the context menu, the Edit Tags dialog lets the user modify key aspects of any tag in the Flight Plan (without needing to directly edit the XML files that make up the Flight Plan.

Select a tag name from the Available Tags list on the left and the fields under Tag Attributes to the right will populate.

  • Name – Repeats the tag's name for convenience. This field cannot be changed.
  • Type – Shows the type of the tag (String, Enumeration, et'c). This field cannot be changed.
  • Text – Displays the tag's description text. The field may be edited freely.
  • Default Value – Shows the tag's default. This field can be set to any value appropriate to the tag type (i.e. any valid date format for a date tag, any of the defined options for an enumeration, et'c).

Clicking Ok will save the changes to this tag and close the Edit Tag dialog. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without saving any changes. Clicking Help will open this topic.