ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Member Pattern Dialog

The Member Pattern dialog (accessed from the Add Source Members dialog) determines which members from the source files will be included in the Flight Plan. It contains:

  • The data from the List of Libraries and Source Files fields, displayed for reference.
  • The Member Pattern and Use Regular Expressions fields that function the same way as the identical fields on the Add Source Members page (and hold any data saved from that page).
  • A Preview button that applies the Member Pattern to the members of the Source Files and displays the results (in Library File Member format) in the box to the right, and the total number of members selected by the pattern below.

Click OK to apply the pattern and add the members to the Flight Plan, or click Cancel to return to the parent dialog without saving any changes. Clicking Help will open this topic.

Member Selection Syntax

The Member Pattern field (found on the Add Source Member and Select Member Pattern dialogs) requires input that follows a simple search syntax, which is also used on the Select Source Members dialog. Some guidelines include:

  • Entering a the name of a member will return all members with that name, but not partial matches.
  • The Member Pattern takes the asterik (*) as a wildcard.
    • *Q will select all members with names that start with Q, *QUA will select only those that start with QUA, et'c.
  • The Member Pattern field is not case sensistive.
    • *q will return exactly the same results as *Q.
  • *ALL is a special value that returns every member of the source files.
  • When Use Regular Expressions is checked (which is the default) the user can employ the more advanced options granted by regular expressions.
    • ^[^Q] will return all members with names that do not start with Q.
    • Along with many, many other options.