ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Exporting Display Files

ASNA Wings ASPX pages provide the face of a Display File. As such, ASPX pages are expected to be modified and updated either simply to make them visually appealing or to extend their functionality by adding or deleting fields and records. This causes the pages to be out of synch with the RPG code residing in the IBM i server. The RPG code needs to be recompiled against the new description of the Display File so it is necessary to have an Export mechanism to convert the ASPX code back into a Display File on the server.

Starting this process is usually as simple as locating the appropriate Mobile Display File (Visual Studio's Solution Explorer, MobileDF folder, FileName.aspx), right-clicking on it, and selecting Export to Display File from the context menu.

The topics in this section detail explore the invoked export mechanism in greater depth.

In This Section

Export to Display File Process
Describes how to export ASNA Wings ASPX code into a IBM i Display File.
Export Display File Dialog
Explains the mandatory and optional entries in the dialog box when running the Export process.
Generated DDS
Describes the structure of the generated DDS file.