ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Importing Display Files Process

The Export Display File process converts ASNA Wings ASPX files back into Display Files on the IBM i server. This process has been automated by Wings Flight Plans, but the underlying system remains the same. It has two modes of operation, single file and multiple files. Use the first when you need to convert a single ASNA Wings ASPX file and use the second to convert all ASNA Wings ASPX files in the website back to Display Files.

Single File Process

The single ASNA Wings ASPX file Export process involves the following sequence of steps.

  1. The export checks whether the DDS source file exists. If it does NOT, the export process will continue with step 4 using the SrcDdsCcsid from the ASPX file as the CCSID.
  2. If the DDS source file exists and it has the same CCSID number, the process will continue at step 4.
  3. If the file exists but the CCSID numbers do NOT match, then processing will continue with step 4 but note that in 4.d the process will terminate with a warning.
  4. The source file is created.
    1. In this step the ASPX file is analyzed to extract the record formats, the fields in the records, data types and sizes, positional information, interrelation among the records, like overlays, and any other information required to create a Display File with enough information for the RPG program to run correctly. With this information a DDS source file is created.
    2. In addition, the LastWrite tag in each corresponding aspx.wrf (Wings Record Format) is updated to reflect the current date. Refer to the Wings Record Format in the Import Process topic for more information.
    3. By default, the DDS source is created in QTEMP.
    4. If the CCSID numbers did NOT match in step 3, issue a warning and terminate the process. Otherwise continue with step 5 and step 6.
  5. The DDS source is copied to the IBM i server as a member of a DDS source file.
  6. The DDS source is compiled to create the Display File.

Multiple File Process

  1. The multi-file export process starts by internally creating a list of all the ASPX files in the Website directory. The process then tests each one of the files to determine if it is an ASNA Wings ASPX file and invokes the Single File Process for each one.

The Visual Studio Output Window shows the operation of the export process as it proceeds and if any of the steps result in an error it will be shown there. Otherwise, the Output Window will show a message indicating a successful conversion.