ASNA Monarch® 10.0

Product Issues
Getting Started
Components You Will Need

Installation Issues
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Product Issues


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Fixes in this Release

Please refer to the latest list of fixes in this release on the Downloads page.

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Getting Started

Components You Will Need

  1. ASNA Visual RPG 16.0 for Microsoft Visual Studio.
  2. ASNA Monarch Collector V10.0
  3. Monarch Collector must be licensed. See Licensing notes below.
  4. DataGate for IBM i version 16.0 or above.

The following collateral products are applicable to Monarch

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Installation Issues

Silent Installation

To set up a silent installation, you must download the Monarch package or otherwise have it available on your Windows machine or network.

Then, in a command prompt, enter the path to the folder where the Monarch installation package is saved followed by Setup.exe, using the following syntax:

ASNA.Setup.exe [options] 

The following options are required for silent installation:

-s         Run the installation with no user interface.
-a         Accept the ASNA Software License Agreement (required to run in silent mode)

Other available installation options are:

-?         Displays the command line usage dialog.
-f         Full: Install all components.

-c         Core: Install required components.
-o         Optional: Install required and optional components.
-h         Help: Install required and help components.
-np        Do not prompt the user to reboot if Reboot is required.

To repair an installation from the command line:

-r       Repair the installation.
Will repair all features that are installed and have not previously been upgraded by another product.

To uninstall from the command line:

-u       Uninstall the product.
Will remove all features that are part of the product package, are not permanent (ASNA Services for example is permanent, so will not be uninstalled), and are not shared with other ASNA products that are currently installed on the machine.

Installing Monarch Collector on the IBM i

In order to install the ASNA Monarch Collector on the IBM i from a Save file (obtained from the unzipped download file), you must have TCP/IP installed on both your PC and on your IBM i. (You must also have FTP installed on your IBM i.)

  1. Sign onto the IBM i using an account with *SECADM authority.
  2. Create a Save file in QGPL by entering the following command:


  3. To upload the Save file from the PC, an FTP session must be started to the IBM i
  4. From Windows, select the START button, select RUN and enter the following command:

    FTP as400tcpipaddress

    where as400tcpipaddress is either a TCP/IP address such as, or a machine name that is registered either in a DNS or a HOSTS file.

  5. When prompted for a user name and password, enter the appropriate information that will give you privileges to upload data to the IBM i.
  6. Once FTP has been started, upload the Save file to the IBM i by entering the following commands:
    1. binary
    2. put x:\folder\ASNATEMPM QGPL/ASNATEMPM

              where x:\folder\ is the PC disk drive and folder where you unzipped

    3. quit
  7. On the IBM i, restore the library called ASNATEMPM from the Save file in QGPL by entering the following command.
  8. Enter ASNATEMPM/MONLOAD to start the installation.
  9. The ASNA license agreement is displayed. If you agree with the terms of the license, press the F8 key to continue with the installation. If you do not agree, press the F3 key and the installation will be cancelled.
  10. Next, the installation program displays the installation options. The installation can be cancelled at any time by pressing the F3 key. To continue with the installation, press the F6 key.
  11. If DataGate is not installed on your IBM i, you will receive a warning that states that the Monarch Collector cannot be used until DataGate is installed and licensed. If you see the warning screen, press Enter to continue with the installation, otherwise press the F3 key.
  12. Next, a warning screen is displayed; Press Enter to perform the installation, otherwise press the F3 key.
  13. Once the installation has completed, the ASNATEMPM Save file is no longer needed, and may be deleted. The ASNATEMPM library is automatically deleted.

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Licensing Monarch Collector

The Monarch Collector License is based upon the IBM i Model and Serial Number. After installing the Monarch Collector, follow these steps to license Monarch Collector:

  1. Open Monarch
  2. View Help - About
  3. Select About Servers
  4. Select Database Name for your IBM i.
  5. Select Get Server Information and confirm that the Collector is the correct version.
  6. Select Renew License and enter licensing details.
  7. Select Close

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