ASNA Mobile RPG® Reference Manual

Installing ASNA Products

Installing ASNA Mobile RPG for development requires that a number of software components are correctly installed on at least two pieces of hardware: the IBM i and the Windows development machine. Actually deploying Mobile RPG may require installing software onto each Windows server and each IBM i on which the program with the mobile display files resides.

In All Cases

The IBM i for Development must have:

The Windows Web Server for Deployment must have

  • Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • ASNA DataGate Webpak – Provides ASNA Mobile RPG the runtime access to the IBM i.

The IBM i for Deployment must have:

(Note that if this is the same IBM i you used to perform ASNA Mobile RPG Development, it already has the software installed for runtime production.)

  • IBM i V6R1 or higher
  • IBM Open Access RPG Edition (licensed program 5733) (as well as appropriate PTFs and System Values)
  • ASNA DataGate for IBM i – This provides access to the IBM i for reading display file and message file definitions.

The Windows PC for Development must have