ASNA Mobile RPG® Reference Manual

The Mobile RPG Design Aid

The Mobile RPG Design Aid is an extension of Visual Studio that provides facilities to create new Mobile Display FIles and reflect any record format or field modification back to the IBM i so that the RPG ILE compiler can process the modified field or format. Since ASNA Mobile RPG generates standard ASP.NET pages, you will use Visual Studio to edit the design of your display files.

In this Section

Developing a Mobile Display File
This section includes the process of creating a website with additional links explaining the project components like master pages, cascading style sheets, and Web.config appSettings.
Exporting a Display File
This section details how a Mobile Display File can be exported to the IBM i as a Display File so that the program on the IBM i can be recompiled against the updated description.
Note – During development, it's crucial that you export changes to your Mobile Display File and recompile your program before attempting to run your code.

Other References

ASNA Monarch Framework Concepts
An overview of the concepts of the ASNA Monarch Framework with links to the classes, methods, and properties of note to obtain further information.