Welcome to ASNA Mobile RPG®

This document provides resources for learning how to use ASNA Mobile RPG® to create mobility-friendly pages and applications that interface with your IBM i.

Major Features

Note – In order to quickly access the documentation for a given control or property in Visual Studio, users can press F1. To ensure that F1 accesses the ASNA help, set your Help preference (in the Help menu on Visual Studio's top menu bar) to Launch in Help Viewer.

What's New in 9.0

New Control: DdsIcon

  • The new DdsIcon control for Mobile RPG offers a new way for developers to add simple, noninteractive icons from the Icon Selection for informative or decorative purposes.

DdsTable Editable Cells

  • Developers can now configure each DdsTable control to contain cells that are editable, either through a modal dialog or in-line.

DdsTable New Properties

  • SelectedKey — The Icons in Icon columns can now be assigned an aid key that will be pressed whenever the icon is clicked or tapped.
  • SelectionMode — Allows developers to define whether an entire row may be selected, or just a single cell.

Secure Socket Layer Integration

  • ASNA DataGate 15.0 supports Secure Socket Layer technology, allowing much easier Mobile RPG security solutions.