ASNA Mobile RPG® Reference Manual

5250 Terminal Emulation

ASNA Mobile RPG uses 5250 Terminal Emulator code to process the display operations in the website. The following are topics pertaining to customizing certain areas of that code.

Please note that throughout the documents in this section, the text refers to the Asna5250Terminal.aspx page. See Asna5250Terminal.aspx Folder for information on setting the location of this file in the application section of the Web.config file.

In This Section

5250 Terminal Branding
This topic describes the process used to brand the look of the 5250 terminal emulation.
Keyboard Mapping
This topic describes the default keyboard mapping and includes the process of customizing the 5250 keyboard mapping.
Keyboard Macros
This topic describes a standardized function that allows the creation of keyboard macros.
Terminal Menus
This topic describes the Menu bar and the function key area and how they can be modified to fit your specific situation.
Terminal Sizing
This topic describes how to modify the size of the Terminal Emulator window.
Terminal Mobility Support
This topic describes the terminal emulator's support for tablet platforms.