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The Database control is an ActiveX control within Visual RPG that allows you to work with databases and database names, as in DataGate Database Manager.

Working with Databases:

You can create a new Database, change a database by using the ChangeDatabaseLocation, and ChangeDatabaseText methods or remove an existing database.

Creating a new database creates the internal catalog object, which maintains the set of attributes and relationships for all of the database files within a particular database. After creating a database, you must add a database name that references the database to access by using the AddNameTCPIP or AddNameLocal methods.

Databases must be "Labeled" in order that they may be used with the latest release by using the LabelDatabase method. This process upgrades the internal structure of the database and stores information that allows clients to register a name for it.

Working with Database Names:

You can add, register, change, or delete a database name. A database name is the identifier you use in your applications to refer to a particular database. This name encapsulates not only the server and label of the database, but also the access method, and the account to use on the server.

A database must be named or registered in order to be accessed and used in applications. Naming a database creates a logical name on your local computer that points to a database on a local or remote server. You can add multiple logical database names that point to the same database.