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Much of the Browser Terminal's appearance and behavior is defined in its Web.config file. Web.config is an ASP.NET configuration file; It contains data stored as XML text with nested XML tags and sub-tags with attributes that specify configuration settings entered between the <configuration> and </configuration> XML tags. These configuration settings encompass two areas: section-handler declarations and configuration settings. This topic deals with configuration settings only.


The XML tags, sub-tags, and attributes are well-formed XML and therefore are case-sensitive. The tag and attribute names must have a lowercase first letter and uppercase on the first letter of any subsequent word(s) i.e. appSettings. String attribute values have an uppercase first letter and an uppercase first letter of any subsequent word(s) i.e. MonarchMessageFileFolder. The only exceptions are true and false, which are all lowercase letters.

appSettings Usage in ASNA Browser Terminal

The appSettings section of the Web.config file has the configuration settings for the following:

Asna5250Terminal.aspx Folder

Asna5250Terminal.aspx page is required whenever DataGate needs to display a 5250 datastream. Monarch redirects to this page using the folder location specified in the Web.config file <appSettings>key "Asna5250TerminalFolder" value. An example entry for this key is shown highlighted below showing "~/Themes/Current" as the location for the Asna5250Terminal.aspx page.

<appSettings file="AppSettings.Config">
    <add key="MonarchMessageFileFolder" value="~\MessageFiles\" />        
    <add key="MonarchSpecialCharReplacements" value="@=_at_, #=H_lb_, $=_usd_" />
    <add key="MonarchDspFileLibl" value="MyLibrary, DspFiles/ARlib, Views/*" />

    <add key="Asna5250TerminalFolder" value="~/Themes/Current"/>


The value may be one of the following:

value= Description
blank (or missing) The default location is ~Themes\Current - which is relative to the root of your website.
~ The root of the website.
~\folder\ A folder with a relative location with respect to the root of the website.
absolute folder\ A full path including drive designation where Asna5250Terminal.aspx is located.

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