Using Visual Studio 2022

Visual Studio is a complete suite of tools for building both desktop and team-based Enterprise Web applications. You will want to completely familiarize yourself with Visual Studio and its Documentation in order to fully use its IDE and vast resources, but as a debugging IDE it's intuitive enough that you can begin experimenting with it as soon you feel comfortable.

Note – AVR 17.0's integration into Visual Studio 2022 means that AVR 17.0 programs can only be developed on operating systems that support Visual Studio. A complete list of the hardware and software requirements can be found at Microsoft's Visual Studio 2022 System Requirements .

While AVR 17.0 can't be developed on older operating systems (Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft XP, for example) it can easily create applications that can be deployed on them. However, if the developed application requires DataGate Studio 17.0 or other Visual Studio-dependent components of the AVR family, errors may occur.

Refer to the Visual Studio 2022 main book to view all of Visual Studio .NET's contents.