ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Walkthrough Step 6 - Create a Wings Web Site

Create a new ASNA Wings Web Site

After selecting File > New Web Site, the New Web Site dialog is displayed. Select ASNA Wings Web Site (shown below highlighted) and a language to use for future presentation layer enhancement and modification. 

There are a lot of options on this page, but for the purposes of this walkthrough you need only take these steps:

  1. Ensure that .NET Framework 4 is selected in the drop down box at the top-center (the ASNA Wings Web Site option is unavailable in Framework 3.5 or older, or in Framework 4.5).
  2. Set the Web Location dropdown box to File System and the box to its right to c:\Wings\Walkthrough. (When you're creating your projects later for production, you can put the projects anywhere in your file system.)
  3. Select ASNA Wings Web Site from the central list (highlighted on the image below).
  4. Click OK.

Figure 6-1.

By selecting ASNA Wings Web Site you'll actually be opening the Wings Design Aid, our fully Visual Studio-integrated development tool. To learn more about the Design Aid, see the Using Wings Design Aid help section

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