ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Convert Selected Nodes

Accessed through the context menu on the Flight Plan Window, the Convert Selected Nodes dialog begins the active process of converting files. The dialog reconfirms the database where the members are (using the same information and boxes as the Add Source Members dialog). It also presents a few key options as checkboxes before confirming and starting the conversion.

  • Add Handler to RPG Souce Members determines whether Wings will inject the Handler keyword into the RPG Source Members.
  • Create ASPX pages by importing DDS Source Members determines whether Wings will import the Display Files in order to create ASPX pages.
  • Change the value of a tag on conversion sets conditions to alter a specified tag when a conversion is attempted.
    • Source Conversion Result: Either success or failure.
    • Change User Tag: The Tag to be changed.
    • To Value: The value the chosen tag will take if the conversion returns the value in Source Conversion Result.
  • Save Conversion Log to determines whether to save a log file for the conversion, and lets users set a name and location for the log using a standard windows filepath.

Clicking the OK button will begin the conversion. Clicking Cancel will return to the Flight Plan without saving any changes. Clicking Help will open this topic.