ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

ASNA Wings™ New in 10.0

Features Introduced in Wings 10.0

Visual Studio 2019 Support

  • Wings 10.0 supports, and requires, Microsoft's Visual Studio 2019. It specifically requires the ASP.NET and Web Development workloads.

Features Introduced in Wings 9.0

Visual Studio 2017 Support

  • Wings 9.0 supports, and requires, Microsoft's Visual Studio 2017. It specifically requires the ASP.NET and Web Development workloads.

Secure Socket Layer Integration

  • ASNA DataGate 15.0 supports Secure Socket Layer technology, allowing much easier Wings security solutions.

New Control: DdsIcon

  • The new DdsIcon control for Mobile RPG offers a new way for developers to add simple, noninteractive icons from the Icon Selection for informative or decorative purposes.

Improved DSPATR Support

  • The handling of Display Attributes has been substantially improved, with DSPATR: UL, LI, and HI now supported.

Features Introduced in Wings 8.0

Most Relevant Property Windows

New Control: DdsUploader

  • The new DdsUploader control lets users upload specified filetypes directly to the IBM i.

New Control: DdsDecRange

  • The new DdsDecRange control lets users choose a number from a range using buttons or a slider.

Widget Support

DdsImage Swipe Gallery

  • When a DdsImage control contains multiple images, they will now automatically be placed in a mobile-style swipe gallery.

DdsGMap Pin Improvements

  • New properties now support adding text labels to each map pin, as well as allowing multiple pins to be selected and/or a function key to be fired when a pin is selected.

Browser Terminal Enhancements

New Command Method: InvokeQCmdExc

  • InvokeQCmdExc executes a command on the IBM i's Job associated with the database connection by calling IBM's QCMDEXC, opening up new programming possibilities for Wings and Mobile RPG.

Wings Layout Aid

  • The Wings Layout Aid is an addition to the design experience. It allows the developer to reposition elements within their records with an intuitive click-and-drag interface.

Features Introduced in Wings 7.0

Mobile Support

  • New Native-Supported Controls

Additional Support for DDS Keywords

Features Introduced in Wings 6.2

Mobile Support

  • Mobile Support – ASNA Wings' support for mobile applications now includes the stand-alone a native application:
  • New Native-Supported Controls

Features Introduced in Wings 6.1

Mobile Support

Features Introduced in Wings 6.0

Mobile Support

  • Mobile Support – Wings' support for mobile applications has been improved by new properties and facilities that facilitate integration into Mobile platforms:
    • Text fields can now perform the standard functions of automatic text correction with the Autocorrect and Autocapitalize properties.
    • Support for HTML5 and its wealth of new and improved layout and design options.
    • The Wings Terminal Emulator has been upgraded with a suite of new options to function on both iPads and Android tablets.
    • The Wings page template now includes a property allowing dynamic selection of device-specific versions of the page.

Unicode Support

  • Wings now supports the use of Unicode (UTF-16) characters in Wings Display Files.

Rearranging Function Keys

  • Function keys on imported display files can now be moved by changing the MonarchDdsFileKeyOrder key found in the Web.config AppSetting file.

Features Introduced in Wings 5.2

Wings Design Aid

  • Wings 5.2 introduced Wings Flight Plans, a powerful, fully integrated utility that greatly facilitates bulk modernizations. Flight Plans enables or assists:

    • Reviewing an overview of Program and Display File usage.
    • Applying "tags" to Program and Display file sources to help organize the bulk migration process.
    • Bulk conversion of RPG/400 to RPG/ILE (using the CVTRPGILE command).
    • Automated incorporation of the HANDLER keyword into RPG/ILE source files on the IBM i system.
    • Large-scale conversion of Display files to ASPX pages.
    • Bulk exports of converted ASPX pages, including the INDARA keyword and other Wings-related changes, back to the IBM i.
  • Display file conversion

    • Improved control over which messages are treated as warnings or errors during the process of importing display files, allowing users to decide which specific errors or levels of severity warrant halting the import process.
    • Wings now supports the following additional DDS Keywords:
      • SFLLIN
      • CNTFLD
      • BLANKS
      • DLTEDT
      • The "ER" option for CHECK, and the (equivalent) "RA" option for AUTO

Runtime Equivalence

  • Attention Key support

    • ATTN key behavior can be supported in your Wings application by adding the Monarch DdsButton control to the appropriate Wings ASPX files. Select "ATTN" from the AidKey property.
  • RPG Feedback Area

    • Wings now returns the lowest Subfile relative record number displayed in the uppermost Subfile display area in the WorkStation I/O Feedback Area at positions 378-379 of Display Specific Feedback Information data structure.
  • Improved Subfile Behavior - Support of subfiles has been greatly improved by a number of features supported by new properties in the ASNA Monarch Framework.
    • The Active Subfile Record tracks the movement of the mouse pointer, highlighting any row the pointer is hovered over. (CueCurrentRecord property)
    • Clicking on a row in the subfile will select it, highlighting it distinct color and focusing on it until the user clicks elsewhere (ClickSetsCurrentRecord property).
    • Double-clicking on a row can simulate a function key press, accessing additional information or allowing the user to set the field to a new value (DblClickKey, DblClickTargetField & DblClickTargetValue properties).
    • Subfiles can now show a scroll bar to simulate the behavior of the PgUp and PgDn keys (VerticalScrollBar property).
  • 5250 Terminal Emulator
  • Interactive Job Support

  • Internationalization Support

    • Wings now uses a .NET standard globalization and localization support system using the APP_GlobalResources folder and .resx files.

Customization Walkthroughs