Wings includes a control that allows users to create customized maps using data pulled from a subfile on the IBM i. Maps are enabled by the DdsGMap Control.

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Warning - Users of the DdsGMap (Map) Control must comply with the Google Maps API Terms of Service which now require obtaining a license from Google (generally free for development, although certain commercial sites and applications will eventually require a paid license). See

Prior to June 22, 2016 Google rarely enforced the requirement for a key, and sites published before that date will generally not require a license until October of 2016, but new sites must have a key for this control (or any other integration of Google Maps) to function properly. Google allows most sites using a free key up to 25,000 requests per day. After that they require payment (follow the link above for more detail on Google's policies).

A key accquired from Google at: must be used as the value for the "MonarchGoogleMapKey" attribute in the Web.config file. (A less preferred option is to enter a key into the GoogleKey property for each DdsGMap in the app/site.)