ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Record Format Controls

Mobile RPG provides three controls that produce record formats:

  • DdsRecord – An ordinary record format
  • DdsSubfile – A subfile record format, controlling much of how the data is presented.
  • DdsSubfileControl – A subfile control record format,

There are several characteristics that are common to all three of these record formats. Regardless of kind, each format:

  • Has a name that identifies it uniquely to RPG
  • May contain other controls

In addition, Plain and Subfile Control record formats may:

  • Define which function, or attention, keys are enabled and the indicator they turn on if the user activates them. Each function key can be conditioned with an Indicator expression.
  • Provide hidden fields to receive the name of the field that was active when the user submitted its data back to the application.
  • Establish a navigation bar and a footer bar (see DdsBar).

The blue area is a DdsRecord

When Exporting to the IBM i the layout of the IBM i file records is stored inside the WingsRecordFormat file. These files have the extension .wrf and contain information about each record format that allows the runtime to perform Record Level checks to guarantee that the RPG program's display file records match the format of the aspx records. For more on how these files work, see the topic on Wings Record Format files.

Much like with Traditional Display Files, you must have at least one record in each Wings Display File as the record serves as a container for constants, fields, subfiles, and the other controls that make up the Mobile RPG App. In the code-behind, records are represented by DdsRecord Controls. These records are displayed as panels with a grid layout, which allows controls placed in them to be locked into place relative to the record.