ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Spooled File Viewer

Added in version 15.0, the spooled file viewer allows users to "download" and print spooled files directly to .pdf files. This technique works via the VIEWSPLF and LSTSPLF commands:


This command displays spooled files as .pdfs. It opens a browser page similar to the image below:

Figure 1.

The parameters for VIEWSPLF are shown below:

Figure 2.

The most vital parameters and how they're handled, are:

    FILE     - same as CPYSPLF
    JOB      - same as CPYSPLF
    SPLNBR   - same as CPYSPLF
    CRTDATE  - same as CPYSPLF

    PDFSTMF           - Output IFS pathname for unique temp PDF 
    RMVPDF(*YES/*NO)  - Remove temp PDF after Display  
    RMVSPLF(*YES/*NO) - Remove Spoolfile after Display 


This command lists all spooled files as .pdfs. When called as part of the Spoolfile Viewer it opens a browser page similar to the image below:

Figure 3.

Tapping on the eye () icon will call VIEWSPLF for the selected file, opening a page as shown above in Figure 1.
Any number of files for download () or deletion () by tapping the appropriate icons.
Tapping the green check mark () will download or delete any selected files.
Tapping the reload {) icon refreshes the spooled file list.

The LISTSPLF command takes the following parameters:

Figure 4.

It calls VIEWSPLF, passing:

FILE, JOB, SPLNBR, CRTDATE (from DdsTable), plus:

      PDFSTMF: with user's home IFS + "/spoolfiles/" + unique (internal spoolfile identifier ) + <file>.pdf