ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Remediating Unsupported Facilities

Several RPG facilities are not yet supported by Wings. We will cover fixes and work arounds for common problems here.

Remediating unsupported DDS Keywords

Even when the import process runs successfully, the Visual Studio Output window may show error lines encountered during the process. Any unsupported DDS keywords (see Supported DDS Keywords ) will be reported. There are a few DDS keywords that have no equivalent on .NET or the automatic conversion has not been implemented by Monarch. Frequently, these unsupported keywords may be ignored and the application still behaves reasonably close to the way it behaved on the IBM i.

It is important to review each of the errors listed as the result of the import process as there is no general solution for the use of unsupported keywords. Sometimes it will require additional code on the .NET code-behind or changes to the RPG program to produce the same effect using other supported keywords.

The Visual Studio Output window will show error messages like the following:

    ------ Import started: Database: '*Public/ELM', Member: 'NUTSNBOLTS/QDDSSRC/CUSTPRMP', Output location: C:\Projects\WingsWebsite\Views\' ------
    Error: Unsupported: DDS keyword USRRSTDSP. DDS Line:16
    Error: Unsupported: DDS keyword PUTOVR. DDS Line:19
    Error: Unsupported: DDS keyword ASSUME. DDS Line:41
    C:\Projects\WingsWebsite\Views\CUSTPRMP.aspx created successfully.
    ========== Import: succeeded. Elapsed time: 1,833 ms ==========