ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Adding ASNA Controls

This topic describes adding ASNA-specific controls to the Visual Studio interface.

The special controls available to Wings through the ASNA Monarch Framework allow users to tap directly into the power of the IBM i, taking advantage of the unique infrastructure behind Wings. Accessing them requires a few steps that might not be immediately clear. These steps assume you've already installed all of the necessary components and opened a Wings Web Site project in Visual Studio.

  1. The Toolbox will usually be visible on the left, if it's not, it can be opened from View on the menu bar at the top of the window.
  2. Right-click inside the Toolbox, this will open a context menu.
  3. Select Choose Items..., and the Choose Toolbox Items dialog will appear.
  4. Make certain that the .NET Framework Components tab at the top of the dialog is selected, and in the Filter: box, type ASNA. This will cause only ASNA controls and components to be displayed.
  5. Select all of the ASNA options (or just those that you intend to use), then click OK.
  6. A message box will appear containing all of the controls that you added. Click OK to continue.

If you are on a page or web part where the ASNA controls are usable, they'll appear in the toolbox under the General category.

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