ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Large Project Solutions

Larger modernization projects often pose singular difficulties, such as organizing hundreds of programs and display files into meaningful units and injecting the Handler keyword into multiple Libraries worth of members. Wings provides the Flight Plans tool to facilitate the potentially complex process of large-scale modernizations.

ASNA Wings Flight Plans is a modernization tool integrated into Visual Studio that helps detail of the interrelations of source components (RPG source files and Workstation files) and helps prepare and convert them into .aspx pages. This assists the user in considering and managing bulk modernizations, as well as providing a convenient visual interface and framework for smaller operations. Its main functions are to:

  • Help the user visualize the application through the Flight Plan window.
  • Help the user organize and segment the application to achieve an ordered modernization using Flight Plan tags.
  • Modernize arbitrarily-large groups of files at a time according to user defined criteria.
  • Inject the Handler keyword (ASNAWINGS) into those RPG sources whose displays have been modernized.
  • Keep track of which sources, RPG or DDS, have been modernized.

What Flight Plans Can Do

Users can perform a variety of actions with Flight Plans to manage and manipulate their data, a short list of key operations includes: