ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Windows Components: Visual Studio

As noted elsewhere, modernizing display files with Wings requires the Visual Studio 2019 Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

If you or your company do not have any licenses for it, Visual Studio 2019 (Professional, Premium, or Ultimate versions) can be either bought off the shelf at a brick and mortar store or downloaded directly from, if your company is small enough (and the project limited enough) Visual Studio 2019 Community version is also an option.

Complete instructions for installing and uninstalling Visual Studio 2019 can be found in the Microsoft Developer's Network topic devoted to it.

For those who wish to use Wings but don't have access to the full suite of Visual Studio tools the less feature-rich Visual Studio 2019 Shell provides the option of using Wings without investing in a full Visual Studio package (although downloading the shell now requires an MSDN login and the complettion of ahort survey regarding the application you plan to develop). For more detail on downloading and installing the Shell, check here.