This topic will walk you through creating and using a simple Wings application.

In this walkthrough, we're going to modernize the display of an existing RPG application. We'll use a sample application that was installed on your IBM i with ASNA DataGate. You can use the steps as guidelines for moderninzing your own internal applications.

This walkthrough assumes you've:

Note – You must be signed on as an administrator on your PC for this Wings walkthrough (otherwise Visual Studio won't let you perform some tasks such as debugging). To always launch Visual Studio as an administrator you can create a short cut, right click the short cut, select properties, select the Compatibility tab, and check the Run this program as an administrator checkbox. When you start Visual Studio with this shortcut, it will always run as administrator.

This Walkthrough includes:

  1. Reviewing the RPG to Be Modernized
  2. Explaining the Original Library Structure
  3. Using ILE RPG's Conditional Compilation
  4. Starting Visual Studio
  5. Starting a New Web Site
  6. Creating a Wings Web Site
  7. Opening the Import from DDS Dialog
  8. The Import from DDS Dialog
  9. Opening the Wings Web Site
  10. Using the Wings Web Site