ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

IBM i Components: OAR and PTFs

This document describes installing OAR and PTFs on the IBM i, if they are not already present.

IBM's Rational Open Access for RPG (OAR) is (as explained in the section detailing the technology) a vital prerequisite of Wings. As an IBM product it can be acquired from IBM through the usual channels, and installed on the IBM i per IBM's instructions.

OAR has been a free product since 2012, and its technologies are included in V7.1 and later.

OAR has its own prerequisites

Hardware requirements:

  • For IBM i V6R1, one of these models:
    • 515, 520, 525, 550, 570, 595, 800, 810, 825, 870, 890, or MMA
    • BladeCenter® model 7998-61X
  • For IBM i 7.1/7.2, one of these models:
    • POWER7TM: 8233-E8B, 9117-MMB, 9179-MHB, 8406-70Y, or 8406-71Y
    • POWER6/6+: 9407-M15, 9408-M25, 9409-M50, 8203-E4A, 8204-E8A, 8234-EMA, 8261-E4S, 9406-MMA, 9117-MMA, 9119-FHA, 7998-60X, 7998-61X, or 7778-23X
    • POWER5/5+: 9405-520, 9407-515, 9406-520, 9406-525, 9406-550, 9406-570,or 9406-595

Software requirements

  • IBM Rational Open Access: RPG Edition V1.1 supports IBM i V6R1, V7.1, and V7.2 operating systems.
  • IBM Rational Development Studio for i V6.1 (5761-WDS) or V7.1/7.2 (5770-WDS)
  • RPG runtime V6.1 (5761-SS1) or V7.1/7.2 (5770-SS1), applicable PTFs.

Make certain that you also install the appropriate PTFs for the version of RPG ILE running on your IBM i, as Wings may not function properly without them.

The required PTFs are:

  • For V6R1, PTF SI45370
  • For V7R1 TGTRLS(*CURRENT), PTF SI44389
  • For V7R1 TGTRLS(*PRV), PTF SI44386