A category of Flight Plans Tags, Handler tags describe and determine aspects of the handler-injection step of the modernization process. Wings populates them with defaults, but they can be changed by the user.

TagName Description Type Default
HandlerStyle Type of handler to add to the RPG program. Options are Conditional and Simple Enumeration Conditional
OverwriteTarget Specifies what to do if the member specified in {TargetQualifiedMember} already exists when adding the Handler. Options are Backup, Always, and Never (which stops the conversion). Any backups are stored at {Library}/WINGS###/{Member}, where ### is a number greater than or equal to 0. Enumeration Backup
RunCVTRPGSRC If True, the IBM command CVTRPGSRFC will be run on RPG/400 source files to convert them to ILE before adding the Handler, which allows the files to work with Wings. Enumeration False
TargetQualifiedMember* Library/File/Member to be used for members injected with the Handler keyword. String {Library}/QRPGWINGS/{Member}

* Indicates a Key tag.