Accessed from the Flight Plan Window by clicking the list icon () or using the context menu, the Group Sources dialog allows the user to choose which tags to group the Flight Plan's members by. The values of the tags selected will appear on the Visual Studio view as folders nested in the chosen order.

  • The Available Tags box (on the left) displays the tags in the current Flight Plan. It will show both Wings-defined and user-defined tags in alphabetical order. Clicking on a tag name will highlight it (only one tag may be selected at a time), and clicking the right arrow will remove the selected tag from this list and move it to the next.
  • The Group By Selection box (on the right) displays the tags that the members will be grouped by. Clicking on a tag name will highlight it. Once highlighted, a tag can be moved back into the Available Tags box by clicking the left-pointing arrow, or moved up and down the nested grouping order with the up and down arrows to the right.

Clicking the Group button will return to the newly-grouped Flight Plan window in Visual Studio. Clicking the Cancel button will return the Flight Plan without saving any changes. Clicking the Help button will open this topic.