ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Globalizing Wings Pages

This topic describes the Global Resources system that Wings uses to allow localization of DdsDecField related messages, Function Key labels (in Display Files), and Terminal Emulation constants and error/recovery messages.

APP_GlobalResources and Monarch.resx

  • Websites constructed with Wings include a folder named App_GlobalResources, by default this folder includes only one file: Monarch.resx.This process follows a set of .NET localization standards laid out by Microsoft, and may be familiar to .NET developers.

  • Monarch.resx contains the detailed values for each:
    • DdsDecField related message
    • Function Key label
    • Terminal Emulation constant and error message

The Monarch.resx values are written in English. To include an additional language option:

  1. Copy Monarch.resx.

  2. Add the appropriate LanguageIndentifier string to the filename. For example standard French would be, and German would be (For a complete explanation and listing of LanguageIdentifier strings, consult the MSDN LanguageIdentifier reference.)

  3. Translate the values in the locally-named .resx to the desired language.

Once new Resouce files have been created and their contents translated, they can be set to override the default Resource files in three ways:

  • By the browser (most browsers let users select language and culture settings, usually under Tools or Options.)

  • Declaratively, by adding a <globalization> element to the Web.config file and setting the Culture and UICulture attributes.

  • Programmatically, by adding code to the Web.config file.

For more complete details on setting localization and globalization for .NET applications (and therefore Wings applications and pages), users can consult the Microsoft Developer's Network references on Globalization Architecture or Global Resources.

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