ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Recommended Folder and Library Structure

This topic describes the default structure of Windows folders, and Libraries on the IBM i that best support Wings sites.


WingsJob /.cs /.vr /.vb: This is the file that controls sign on and job initiation. See WingsJob for more information.


Monarch.resx: This file contains the detailed values for Function Key labels, DdsDecField related messages, and Terminal Emulation constants and error/recovery messages. Copying and modifying this file is essential to globalizing Wings pages.


This is the repository for the message files imported into the project.


This is the folder that contains files used as the default Signon Screen and for general Wings internal processing.


This is the folder that contains files that contain the images used in the solution, the default cascading style sheets and 5250Terminal emulation.


This is the repository for the display files imported into the project.


This is the code that controls the initial events for the website. See the role of Global.asax for more information.


MasterPage.master is the script and code-behind that controls the appearance and placement of content for ASPX pages. MasterPage.window.master is the script and code-behind that controls the appearance of pop up window content. See MasterPages for more information.


This configuration file controls the configuration settings for the website including application settings to locate display files via a library list, locate message files at runtime, set display file special character replacement values, and set the location of the Asna5250Terminal.aspx page..

Library Naming Conventions

The Wings modernization process involves automated changes to files on the IBM i that can potentially result in many files and libraries with similar names, so Wings employs standards that keep the files at various stages of conversion distinct and separate. Wings Flight Plans defaults to:

  • {Origin} - The name of the original library.
  • {Origin}H - Libraries that have had the HANDLER keyword successfully injected into their F-specs.
  • {Origin}X - The library that holds modernized Display Files after they've been exported back to the IBM i.

Wings also creates two Source files in which the modified files are stored: QRPGWINGS for members with the HANDLER keyword, and QDDSWINGS for exported Display Files.

Thus if you began with a member named GENERIC in a library called MISC, Wings would create an new member named GENERIC in a library named MISCH after adding the HANDLER keyword. It would then create member GENERIC in libary MISCX when you export the modernized files back to the IBM i. These libraries need not already exist: Wings can create any libraries it requires.

These standards are highly recommended, but entirely optional; simply changing the TargetQualifiedMember and ExportTo tags in flight plans or altering the related perameters in Wings Design Aid lets users determine exactly what goes where during conversion.