ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Flight Plan Concepts

ASNA Wings Flight Plans involves several key concepts, including the notion of a Flight Plan itself:

Flight Plan – Displayed in the Flight Plan Window in Visual Studio, A Flight Plan is a set of documents that provide a convenient visual interface for viewing and manipulating the members of a certain project.

Flight Plans Tags – Also called simply "Tags" these are labels that are applied to members imported into the Flight Plan, many of them are applied automatically but users can also create and modify their own tags to get the most out of Flight Plans' powerful search and sort options.

Flight Plans Groupings - Similar to a "view" this is a particular sort-order that displays the members of a Flight Plan in a nested order that can be easily set by the user.

Flight Plans Operations – There are a few specific operations that Flight Plans lets users perform on the Flight Plans' members, such as injecting the Handler keyword, importing, converting, and exporting, to clarify the nature of these operations, they're discussed on the Flight Plans Operations page.