Flight Plans Tags are a powerful search-and-sort tool. Tags attach keywords to workstation or display files to help identify them or group them into meaningful categories. Flight Plans uses curly brackets ({TagName}) as a syntax to indicate the value for a particular tag. So {Library}\{Source}\{Member} will yield the values of the Library, Source, and Member tags for the member in question.

Using Tags

Tags add much of the unique functionality to Wings Flight Plans, so many of the controls and dialogs used in a Flight Plan work specifically with tags. The Define New Tag, Edit Tags, and Group Sources functions all use tags exclusively, and allow an almost unlimited number of ways to sort and view members and source files. For example you could:

  1. Define a {Developer} tag with the Enumeration type, and set options reflecting each developer responsible for the sources (for example, Bill, Steve, and Lucy). A new row labelled Developer will appear below User in the Tag Values frame, with a Tag Value of the developer you selected as a default (i.e. Bill).
  2. Select all of the members with names that start with A and then set the {Developer} to Steve in the Tag Values frame, then select every member with a name that starts with L and assign it to Lucy the same way.
  3. Group the sources by {Developer}, and then {Type}, to quickly see an organized grouping of which members belong to which department, and which are matched programs and display files. Select all the matched display files under Lucy, right click to open the Context Menu, and select Convert.
  4. In the Convert dialog, set the {Developer} tag to be changed on conversion: in the event of failure, set the value to Steve, in the event of success, have it set to Bill.
  5. After converting, all of the files that didn't convert properly will have {Developer} tag values of Steve, and those that succeed will be assigned to Bill.