ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Flight Plans Operations

Wings Flight Plans provides a great deal of flexibility to users, but the operations it can actually perform on files on the IBM i are quite limited. Most of the options for Flight Plans perform operations that only affect the schemas that make up a Flight Plan, such as:

  • Select Sources - The user can select which sources from the Flight Plan to convert, modify the tags of, or otherwise change.
  • Group Sources - The user can choose which tags to sort the files in the Flight Plan by, creating or choosing groupings.
  • Create New Tag - The user can create entirely new tags.
  • Edit Tags – The user can change the text and defaults for existing tags.
  • Add Source Members - The user can choose members from the IBM i to add to the Flight Plan.

The only Flight Plans operation that directly alters IBM i members is:

  • Convert - The user can manage and trigger the modernization process.

The precise effects of the conversion process are determined by the "Key Tags" and can effect whether the conversion updates the files from RPG/400 to RPG-ILE, whether and how the Handler keyword is inserted, the names of the Libraries that converted and exported files are stored in, among other things. Complete details on the conversion process are available in the Convert dialog topic.