ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Attention Keys in Display Files

Wings supports the use of Attention Keys in converted display files, allowing a button-click on a Wings page to prompt the same operations as hitting an Attention Key on a 5250 display. By default, the Attention key will appear as a DdsButton Control labelled Attention in the upper-left hand corner of the Wings page.

Important – Because of the intrusive nature of using Attention Keys (any data entered onto a web page before the Attention Key is called will be lost) they should be employed with caution.


Attention Keys are coded into Wings pages with the following format:

<mdf:DdsButton id="ddsAttnKey" runat="server" AidKey="Attn" Text="Attn Key" />

Note that it is also essential to add an AttnKey="Fx 0x" property to the DdsRecord where the DdsButton will be located.


The AidKey="Attn" never gets passed to the program and it does not set entered browser data into a data set, instead it is sent only to the Wings Handler. After the Handler calls the attention program, it will re-prompt the user with the original browser page. The Wings Handler calls the program set in the User Profile at the moment of the call. This implementation does not pay attention to the program established via the SETATNPGM CL command (there is no API to retrieve the current value).