When an ASNA Wings website is created, a WingsJob application is created under the application code folder (App_code). The WingsJob extension will be .cs for C#, .vb for Visual Basic, or .vr for ASNA Visual RPG depending on the language selected when the website was created.

The basic functions of WingsJob are:

  1. Defines the job as an ASNA.Monarch.WebJob that also inherits from ASNA.Monarch.Job.
  2. Defines a database connection (see ASNA.Monarch.Job.getDatabase).
  3. Propagates the log on screen and executes the startup program, which is the user sign on (SignOn.aspx). See logon, populateSignonBuffer, and promptLogon>.
  4. Provides connection to the database using the server, user, password, and port; all from the user input entered during Sign On.
  5. Calls the program or the menu using the database and library; all from the user input entered during Sign On. See callProgram, callQCmdExec, and goMenu.

The following links are some of the basic methods, fields, and properties from ASNA.Monarch.WebJob that may be beneficial to learn more about.

The Start method creates a new instance of an ASNA.Monarch.WebDevice object for the job specified.

The ExecuteStartupProgram method executes the startup command-processing program.

The EndProgram method terminates the current web job program.

The CurrentWebJob property returns the current job running.

The Device field is the name of the ASNA.Monarch.WebDevice used by the web job.

The ShutDown method ends all active programs, closes the database connections for disk and printer files, and then aborts the thread assigned to the job.

The TerminalDeviceName property allows developers to set the name the of RPG Jobs created by the Wings program.