ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

ASNA Wings™ Architecture

The Wings product makes use of features found on the ASNA's middleware product DataGate. DataGate provides a client/server architecture to make IBM i facilities available to .NET components. DataGate utilizes TCP/IP for its communication needs.

Wings Architecture

The End User device accesses the Wings site through a standard Web browser (IE, Firefox, et'c.) and passes instructions in HTML and JavaScript to ASP worker threads on the Windows (IIS) Web Server. The Windows Server can then pass DataGate messages from either WingsJob classes or the .aspx pages to the IBM i, activating DataGate *PGM, which in turn accesses the core (modernized) RPG ILE program, and passes the data to be displayed through the ASNAWINGS handler, and back to the Web Server. The Web Server then completes the circuit by converting the data back into HTML and JavaScript before passing it back to the End User device.