ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

What is an ASPX Page?

An ASPX page is a file that includes the asp:content elements that ASP.NET recognizes and processes as the page executes. The mapping of the .aspx file extension is done in IIS (Internet Information Services), with ASP.NET as the default. The ASPX page is the presentation layer, which is the user interface with the web application, in RPG terms, it functions like a Display File. Within the page is the text and data you wish to display to the user and also web controls that control the action or events based upon a specific user action.

An ASPX page must have certain elements that define how ASP.NET processes the page. These include directives, web server controls, form elements, and server code. The elements it can contain are too numerous to mention here, but can include property values to indicate valid entries, drop-down textboxes, and navigational buttons. Refer to ASP.NET Web Page Syntax Overview for a more detailed description of these elements.

There is a tremendous amount of information defining an ASPX page and the specific elements and their capabilities and performance. Microsoft has an excellent section on ASP.NET Web Pages explaining web pages, programming ASP.NET web pages, and several excellent walkthroughs. ASNA's Monarch Framework manual is also an excellent source of information on the CssClass definitions and the corresponding methods and properties.