ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Preparing an RPG Program for Wings

This section describes the issues involved in preparing an RPG ILE Program for use by ASNA Wings.

In this Section

Adding the OAR Handler keyword to an RPG program

   This topic describes the process of adding the Handler keyword to the RPG ILE programs.

Best practices for Handler

   This topic discusses some best practices in support of the modernization of the UI.

File Information data structure support

   This topic describes the feedback information contained within the InfDS for workstation files handles by ASNA Wings.

Open Access RPG Restrictions

   This topic covers the restrictions that an RPG file's "F" Specification must meet to work with Open Access RPG (and thus Wings).

Open Access RPG Differences

   This topic describes important quirks and "gotchas" of Open Access RPG that can impact Wings operation.