ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Open Access RPG Restrictions

Per the IBM documentation for Open Access RPG, RPG files must pass certain restrictions to be ready for Open Access (and therefore Wings).
Specifically, an Open-Access file cannot:

  • Be passed as a file parameter.
  • Be defined as a TEMPLATE file.
  • Be defined as a record-address file, or the file that processes a record-address file.
  • Be defined as a table file.
  • Be a program-described WORKSTN file.
  • Be a multiple-device file. The multiple-device keywords MAXDEV, DEVID, SAVEDS, SAVEIND cannot be used and the POST operation for the file cannot have Factor 1 specified.
    • If MAXDEV is specified as 1, it can be safely removed to overcome this restriction. The same applies if it is specified as *File, and the MAXDEV keyword for the Display File is equal to 1.
When any of the above features are present in the F-Spec of an RPG file, that file cannot be used with Wings without alteration. If none of the above apply to the RPG files in question, proceed to Adding the OAR Handler Keyword.