ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Open Access RPG Differences

Some minor differences in the way that underlying RPG programs handle certain events should be accounted for prior to using Wings:

Thus far the difference most likely to cause unexpected issues concerns the keys PRINT, ROLLUP, ROLLDOWN, CLEAR, HELP, and HOME. As noted in the IBM i documentation, whenever the keypress event for one of these is called and the IBM i does not detect an appropriate indicator in the DDS keyword, the RPG status is set to:

  • 1121
  • 1122
  • 1123
  • 1124
  • 1125
  • 1126

Because Wings does not directly use DDS keywords, any time one of these keys is called, RPG will set the proper status and jump to the appropriate subroutine. The default RPG behavior for this is to simply resume the current operation, but more status-sensitive processes that employ INFSR or *PSSR may have other reactions. Because of this, applications using Wings may appear to throw errors on these events; the resolution is usually to change the underlying RPG error handling.