ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Installing ASNA Wings™ Components

In some of the ASNA Wings installation steps, you will need to download software from ASNA's Developer Network site (at Downloading software from ASNA requires a user account; so if you do not yet have an account, please create one now and sign in to the site with it. Doing this now makes some of the following steps easier.

Creating an ASNA Account

To create an account, point your browser to and click the "Sign In" link in the top right-hand corner of the page. The next page shows a "Create an Account" link on the left. Click that link and follow the directions. You will be signed in after creating your account.

The next steps explain how to install Wings for the modernization environment and for the runtime production environment. For initial work with Wings, you will only need to the Modernization Environment. You'll need the Production Environment to deploy a Wings application and make it available to your users.

Install the Wings Modernization Environment

On each PC on which you will do ASNA Wings modernization work

.On the IBM i used for Wings modernization work

1. Confirm OS/400 version

2. Install IBM's Rational Open Access RPG Edition

3. Install ASNA DataGate for IBM i

4. Install ASNA Monarch Collector

Install the ASNA Wings Runtime Production Environment

This section identifies the components to install for the runtime production environment. You will only need to do this step before you deploy a Wings application to make it available to your users. 

On each PC on which you will run ASNA Wings modernized applications

Install Web Browser

Install or ensure the PC has one of the following web browsers: Windows Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox 3.6 or higher, or Google Chrome 8.0 or higher.

On the Windows Web Server

  1. Internet Information Server (IIS)
  2. ASNA DataGate Webpak

On the IBM i

Note that if this is the same IBM i you used to perform ASNA Wings modernization, it already has the software installed for runtime production. Otherwise the following are needed.

  1. IBM i V6R1 or higher (including V7R2)
  2. IBM Open Access RPG Edition (licensed program 5733).
  3. ASNA DataGate for IBM i

Note that for runtime production work only, the IBM i does not need the ASNA Monarch Collector. That is needed only for the modernization environment.