ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Customizing a Wings Site

This section contains links to topics on how to do a variety of useful tasks associated with modernizing your ASNA Wings Web Site not covered elsewhere.

In This Section

Globalizing Wings Applications

This topic explains the system Wings pages (and .NET applications in general) use to control language and nationality settings.

Adding a new display field

This topic is a discussion of one way to add a new field to an existing display file.

Customizing the WingsJob Class to support Limited Capability Users

This topic goes into the specific changes that can be made to a Wings Application to optimize it for Limited Capability Users.

Replacing a DdsCharField Control with Radio Buttons

This topic describes modernizing a Wings web page by replacing a green screen–style DdsCharField with web-friendly radio buttons.

Changing the Placement of the Function Keys

This topic addresses changing the placement of the buttons which represent RPG function keys in a Wings Application.

Replacing an Input Selection Field with a Checkbox

This topic covers modernizing a Wings web page by substituting a checkbox for an old-fashioned input selection field.

Selecting a Prefix for a Wings Job Name

This topic discusses how a Wings Application can be configured to create an RPG job with a specified prefix.

Display File Dataset Debugging

This topic covers accessing the underlying DataSet through a link provided on the masterpage, as well as walking through the process of removing the link prior to deployment.

Resetting Expired User Passwords

This topic presents an optional solution for allowing users whose passwords have expired to reset them entirely within the Wings app.

Spooled File Viewer

This topic explores the Spooled File Viewer, which can be added to Wings sites to enable viewers to examine, download, and delete spooled files as .pdf files.