ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Conflicting Sources Resolution Dialog

Appearing when the Add Source Members dialog is executed and Wings detects a problem, the Conflicting Sources Resolution dialog is designed to help users sort out new members that conflict with existing members. Specifically, it serves as warning that one of two events has occurred:

  • The Source Members have been changed since they were last added to the Flight Plan (i.e. DDS or RPG code was modified).
  • Members with the same name were accidentally added to the Source file.

To determine if either of these has happened Wings checks whether:

  1. Members being added share the same {Library}, {Source}, and {Member} values as members that already exist in the Flight Plan, AND
  2. The new member has tag values that differ from the existing member for any of the following Origin tags:
    • {Attribute}
    • {Text}
    • {ChangeDate}
    • {ChageTime}

The dialog displays the conflicting members in a grid, identifying them by {Library}, {File}, and {Member}. It also displays the values of the four tags that can cause conflicts (as listed above), and the Matches for the members, showing the values from the existing member in strikethrough, the values from the incoming member in bold, and values for which there is no conflict in normal text.

Furthermore, each row of the "Action" column has a Replace checkbox that, if checked, tells Wings to use the values from the incoming version of that row's member when the OK button is clicked. If unchecked, the current values will be used instead.

Clicking the Check All button checks the Replace boxes of all the members. The Uncheck All button removes the checks from all of the members.

Checking the Preserve Tags added to sources being replaced checkbox saves the values of any User tags assigned to the current versions of all the conflicted members, regardless of whether the incoming version is used.

Clicking OK replaces the current values for any members with checked Replace boxes with the incoming values, rejects the incoming values for all other conflicted members, and returns to the Flight Plan Window. Clicking Cancel closes the dialog without making any changes and returns to the Add Source Members dialog. Clicking Help opens this topic.