ASNA WingsRPG™ Reference Manual

Manually Adding the Handler Keyword

IBM's Rational Open Access: RPG Edition (OAR) introduced the Handler keyword to the 'F' Spec to direct the read/write operations from that program to another resource - Wings. As of Wings 5.2 the Flight Plans feature can help, often enabling users to inject the handler without leaving Visual Studio. This is especially useful in large projects where dozens or hundreds of programs might need to be prepared. However, to provide a more thorough understanding, this section details the hands-on mechanics of the process.

Add the Handler Keyword

Add the Handler keyword pointing to the 'ASNAWINGS' program in those RPG programs that use the workstation display files that have been imported into the ASNA Wings Website. ASNAWINGS must be entered in all uppercase or a compile error will occur. The Handler program name can be qualified with a library or use the library list to locate the Handler program at runtime.

DataGate sets its installation library in the Product portion of the library list so in most cases there is no need to explicitly add DataGate's library to the library list. If the application has replaced the product library portion of the library list when the CALL to the program is executed, then ASNAWINGS will not be found unless DataGate's library is in the system or user portion of the library list.

Rpg Handler Keyword

Recompile the Programs

Recompile all the changed RPG programs with the Handler keyword added. Note that the RPG ILE compiler does not attempt to locate the handler program ASNAWINGS at compile time. There will not be a compiler error if the handler program name is mistyped, but the program will fail at runtime when it attempts to open the workstation file with the program in Handler keyword.

Mixing Wings and Mobile RPG Controls

The ASNAWINGS handler supports the set of controls utilized by the Display File Import facility. If the imported display file is enhanced with Mobile RPG controls, it is necessary to utilize the enhanced handler called WINGSEXT (Wings Extended) instead of the ASNAWINGS or the MOBILERPG handlers.

The WINGSEXT requires a license of its own.

Note — SEU was not updated to expect the Handler keyword, so the following message will always be displayed when using SEU to add the handler:

The keyword is not recognized; keyword is ignored.

The program will compile and run normally. There are no plans to update SEU to expect the handler, as IBM no longer supports it.