ASNA Monarch® Framework 10.0

DdsDecRange Controls

What is a DdsDecRange?

A DdsDecRange control is used to create an on-screen control that allows users to select from a range of numbers in a variety of ways, including typing into a box, increasing or decreasing using "step" buttons, or by moving a slider.

Applicability: These controls can be used in Monarch, Wings, and Mobile RPG pages/apps.

The Mechanics of a DdsDecRange

The DdsDecRange control is, from the standpoint of the IBM i, a normal decimal field. The control allows the user to decide which numeric value goes into the field, and its main role is presenting simple, mobile-friendly ways to do that.

DdsDecRange currently supports two modes of input:

  • Step buttons
  • Slider

Step buttons

If the InteractionStyle property is Buttons, minus (-) and plus (+) buttons will appear allowing users to step through regular numerical values in units defined by the Steps property (often 1.0, 5.0, or 10.0).


If the InteractionStyle property is Slider, users will see a mobile-friendly slider that will allow them to adjust the numeric value to anything from Min to Max in increments set by the Steps property. If the NumericValueStyle is set to Right (shown below) or Left a visible field holding the number will be displayed in the appropriate location.

DdsDecRange Property Tasks

Property Description


InteractionStyle Specifies the interaction style for the DdsDecRange control: Slider or Buttons
NumericValueStyle (Required) The actual numeric value.


Alias (Required) Tthe field name for the compiler to use for externally described files.
Type (Required) Tthe field name for the compiler to use for externally described files.
Length (Required) The length of the field (in characters), as seen by the IBM i.
Decimals Sets the number of decimal places for the Numeric Value.


Height &
These properties set the height and width of the control in whichever unit is specified (pixels, by default).