What is a DdsPanel?

A DdsPanel control is used to visually group a set of controls in an area of the screen.

Applicability: These controls can be used in Monarch, Wings, and Mobile RPG pages/apps.

The Property Tasks of a DdsPanel are as follows:




GroupingText Sets the text to be displayed as a title on the panel.
GroupingTextField & GroupingTextFieldLength These properties can define a character field whose runtime value is to be used as the title for the panel. If these properties are set, the GroupingText property is ignored.


Height &
These properties set the height and width of the control in whichever unit is specified (pixels, by default).

The Mechanics of a DdsPanel

A panel may define, via the GroupingTextField and GroupingTextFieldLength properties, a character field which is included in the record format presented to RPG. It is through this field that a program can set the title of the panel to be presented to the user.

The other interesting property of a panel (shared with some other controls) is VisibleCondition. Setting VisibleCondition allows the developer to provide a logical expression, involving indicators, controlling whether the panel and all of its contained controls is visible and rendered to the user screen.