This topic describes the Framework's Icon selection feature, introduced in Wings 6.1.

The DdsButton control previously allowed the selection of images or text to represent the control onscreen. But frequently, especially in a mobile computing environment, those options can be problematic. Text is language-specific and can become hard to read on smaller devices, while images can be inflexible: matching them to backgrounds, sizing them properly without loss of resolution, and other context-based issues crop up regularly.

To alleviate this issue, ASNA has added a new option to our DdsButton control's ButtonStyle property: "Icon"

Selecting "Icon" activates the IconID property, which has a wealth of options (over two hundred and forty) drawn from the open source Font Awesome project. To help assist users with the potentially overwhelming number of options, when a user changes the IconID property, a new Select Icon window will pop up.

The Icon Selection screen has tabs that can be used to browse the options by topic. Alternatively, the Locate: box allows you to type in a name and automatically search all of the tabs for a match.

On the upper right of the icon selection screen is a "preview" window showing the selected icon against both dark and light backgrounds, to make color and shape comparisons more convenient.

The color of the Icon can be changed using the DdsButton's ForeColor property. This is the color that will be shown in the Select Icon screen's preview window.

Identical options are also available for the DdsLink control (where the icon will appear to one side), and in the DdsList controls' IconID and ChevronIconID property.

Note – Icons may not display properly on devices which do not support SVG graphics.