DdsSingleChoiceSelectionField Members

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Method Description
DdsSingleChoiceSelectionField This method constructs a new instance of a DdsSingleChoiceSelectionField object.

Public Properties

Property Description
Alias Field name to be used by compiler for externally described files
Columns Sets the number of columns to display choices in.
Choices Sets the available choices via a Collection DdsSelectionFieldChoice controls.
Decimals Sets the number of decimals for the field (read-only): 0.
DisabledChoiceColor Sets a color to identify Disabled choices with.
DisabledChoiceStyle Sets a style to identify Disabled choices with.
EnabledChoiceColor Sets a color to identify enabled choices with.
EnabledChoiceStyle Sets a style to identify enabled choices with.
Gutter Sets the unit spacing between columns (in pixels).
Length Sets the length of the field (read-only): 2.
Protect Sets the length of the field (read-only): 2. Inherited from DdsRecord.
Rows Sets the number of rows to display choices in (defaults to 999).
RestrictTabMovement Sets whether or not to restrict tab movement.
Type Sets the type of the field (Read-Only): Zoned
Usage Sets the usage type of the field (output-only, input-ony, input/output, hidden). Defaults to "Both."
VisibleCondition Gets or sets the RPG indicator expression that, when evaluated, determines if the control should be visible. (Inherited from DdsField.)