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DdsPanel Overview

This member's page does not include members inherited from System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl or System.Web.UI.WebControls.Panel. See DdsPanel Class Properties for a listing of additional methods that are inherited by this class.


Method Description
public method DdsPanel Creates a new instance of a DdsPanel.

Public Methods

Method Description
public methods ResetVisibleCondition This method resets the VisibleCondition property.

Public Properties

Property Description
public property BackImgURL Gets or sets the URL to draw the background image for the Panel from.
public property GroupingText Gets or sets a fixed string for the Grouping Text.
public property GroupingTextField Gets or sets a CharField in an IBM i record to draw the data for the Grouping Text from.
public property GroupingTextFieldLength Gets or sets the length of the field the GroupingText will be drawn from.
public property Visible Gets or sets a boolean value that indicates whether the panel is visible on the page.
public property VisibleCondition Gets or sets a conditional indicator expression that will be evaluated to determine the conditions under which the panel is visible and rendered.