DdsDecRange Members

DdsDecRange Overview

This document lists the members of the DdsDecRange class. It does not include properties inherited from System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl and System.Web.UI.WebControls.Panel, nor those inherited from the base classes. See DdsDecRange Class Properties for a list that includes inherited properties.


Method Description
DdsDecRange This method constructs a new instance of a DdsDecRange object.

Public Properties

Property Description
public property Alias Gets or sets an alternate field name for the field. (Inherited from DdsDataField.)
public property InteractionStyle This sets the primary user interaction (and thus appearance) for the control to either slider or step buttons.
public property Length Defines the number of digits in the Numeric Value.
public property Max Defines the Maximum value the field will accept.
public property Min Gets or sets the Minimum value the field will accept.
public property NumericValueStyle Sets the style of the numeric value left, right, center, or hidden.
public property Step Sets the amount by which to change the Numeric Value when the step buttons are pressed or the slider is operated.
public property Type Gets or sets the Type of the field.
public property Value Gets or sets the value of this field.